Kristi's Rhythm & Dance

Classes in the Daytona Beach, FL area in Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Tap and Lyrical for ages 3 and up. Each year we had an annual dance production in May. Started is August 2002.

Studio Policies


 PAYMENTS-  All payments must be made by the first Thursday of each session.  Make checks out to  “Kristi Hartley” or "Kristi's Rhythm & Dance" and please include your child’s name on the front of the check.   There are no refunds of tuition payments after the first class and there is a $25 return check fee.  If you are constantly behind on payments, your child will not be permitted in class and/or to perform in any performances until payment is made in full. 

 PARENTAL OBSERVATION- Parents are not permitted in class to watch.  This is for several reasons…1) it is distracting to students since many parents talk while in the class room 2) many students do not listen to the teacher if a parent is watching 3) some students do not like being watched by other people.  In a preschool level, there may be exceptions if a child is having a difficult time separating.  Parents are welcome to observe through the oversized windows.  However, if you ever want to see your child's progression, just ask and I'll let you watch a class.

 DRESS CODE- Pink or tan clean dance tights (without holes), solid color leotard without skirt attached, appropriate dance shoes and hair up in a bun or tight loop.  No shorts, shirts, skirts, pants, old costumes or jewelry.   Names should be inside all dance shoes.  NO STREET CLOTHES ALLOWED. 

 BEHAVIOR- Students are to be kind, courteous and respectful to other dancers and teachers.  “Attitude” and talking back will not be tolerated and any student doing this will be sent out of class for the day and a parent will be contacted.

 ANNUAL PLACEMENT AND PROGRESSION- Students do not move up to the next level according to the amount of years that they have studied dance. They must be able to execute proper technique for each movement to the fullest for that level. Once the teacher has determined that the student is ready to move up, they will be able to do so. Some students may remain in a certain level for several years and others only one.  POOR ATTENDANCE WILL AFFECT PROGRESSION.

 HOLIDAYS/STORM DAYS/MAKE-UPS- Occasionally, the studio is closed for a holiday or bad weather.  If this happens, one of two things may occur…either you will have a pro-rated tuition for that session or will be given the option to make-up the class.  Ms. Kristi will let you know in advance which one will happen.  In the event of bad weather, the rule is this…if school closes then the studio is closed.  The rule is the same for tropical weather systems. 

 RECITAL/COSTUMES- Each May we have an annual recital, which require costumes.  Costume payments are due each December and run between $55-$70 per costume.  Exact information is given out in the fall.  Costume payments can be made by cash or check, made out to Kristi Hartley.  There are no refunds of costume payments and there is a $25 return check fee.  The recital is optional, however, if a dancer chooses to perform, all family members DO have to pay to see the recital. 

 FOOD/DRINK- There is absolutely no food, drink or gum allowed in the dance studio.